Floriane Rousselot, WIP4 min read

10/10/2019 4 min read


Floriane Rousselot, WIP4 min read

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I am a french graphic designer specialized in type design. I studied at ECV Provence, in Aix-en-Provence in France, graduated with a Master degree in graphic design and art direction. After 3 years the relationship between graphic design and human behavior caught my attention. My internships and experiences inspired me a lot. And mostly thanks to the people I was working with. Firstly in Paris at Bleed Studio with Samuel Lemercier, then in NY at Axel Peemoeller’s studio. My Last internship at Ohlman Consorti was an interesting experience where I learned more about fashion and luxury field. My recent freelance job at It’s Nice That have been both professionally and personally rewarding. I worked on new process which challenged me, and helped me to realize I wanted to get involved in graphic curation practice. 

Typographic Anthropology/ Galéjade

One of the important part of my work is focused on anthropological aspect. How a letter shape or a typeface can transmit a strong message, or represent/symbolize a human character. I worked on how history and tradition of Marseille could be represented by letter shapes you can find on shop signs. Depending on neighborhoods, shops, ethnic background of inhabitants, a font could symbolize and communicate the real character of Marseille. I made typographic walks in Marseille, and I distinguished recurrences which belongs to different typographic families. Those recurrences found their origin in two categories of influences:One: the influence created by shapes imported by migratory flux. Second: The influence inked in Marseille landscape. I worked from vernacular aspect to a real protocol in order to create Galéjade Typeface as a global representation of Marseille. The idea would be to continue this project for different cities, or different countries. And try to understand why people are communicating these way, why these font or these one seems to be linked to a culture or a feeling.


Another important part of my work is Typelab. I decided to create a digital platform which collect and showcase typefaces designed by students and young designers, in order to help them to highlight their work and communicate on their practice. Firstly I wanted to help friends to communicate on their work. And finally I started ask to young designers if they wanted to be featured on Typelab. Young type designers need more help to highlight their work, find clients, collaborators and I think they need a digital place where the public can test their work, help them acquire more visibility.

Furthermore Typelab is an interesting medium to deal with topics such as feminism in typographic field, 3D animation as visual representation of type design, how the world wide web can be a positive medium that links designers, or how to create a bridge between people’s personalities and type design. 

Currently Typelab is highlighting 24 designers, it’s important to mention them: Alexandra Karaolanov, Jules Morin, Colin Doerffler, Charlotte Rohde, Vivien Hoffman, Ciaran Birch, Jacob Wise, Kazuhiro Aihara, Kenneth Vanoverbeke, Étienne Aznar Phillipe, Frédérique Jaman, Robert Radziejewski, Laura Csocsan, Samara Keller, Margot Lévêque, Pauline Le Pape, Alex Valentina, Daniel Martins, Flavien Minson, Daniel Stuhlpfarrer, Janik Sandbothe, Hyunjun Jang, Paul Bergès and I.

Moreover, Typelab was a good excuse to collaborate with friends such as Vanille Abdelnour and Julien Charnallet founders of Twistudio for the webdesign, or Clément Perdigon for the 3D animations you can find in WWW Collection Quiz. All these projects helped me realize how important is typography and how strong it is as a visual communication.


I realized most of my work in type design is the result of a mistake. I transfer a sketch on Glyph app, then I start drawing the letter point after point. And then I pull a point in the wrong side, suddenly it creates a new shape: and here is the good result.

Climate crisis

Some articles I was working on for It’s Nice That are focusing on Climate Change and how as creative we can bring solutions. The environment during my job here was reada lot. Recently you can find articles on Adapt and Extinction Rebellion. The subject grabbed my attention and I started thinking about how can I help. Recently Adapt launched an Exhibition in London, it was such a good initiative and they asked to creatives to create posters: finally approximately 50 posters.

More than working on nice projects I realized we need to queried our practice. It brings me back to some words by Pierre-Damien Huyghe : « If designers are responsible for the world, they are not responsible as designer but as human. »

Or the book: The world as design by Otl Aicher which talk about human/designer behavior and finally how humans can design projects for the progress. Face to terrible contexts I think designers are able to help in any way to find solutions or take part to movements. We need to wonder why we are doing graphic design, how important is our practice, what impact on the world.