Laura Csocsán, Ambiant typeface2 min read

10/10/2019 3 min read


Laura Csocsán, Ambiant typeface2 min read

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I am Laura Csocsán, a graphic and type designer from Hungary, based in Budapest. I studied graphic design at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design and graduated this year from the BA course. I am working as a freelance graphic designer and I’m also designing typefaces. Right now I’m working on Ambiant, a variable one that is going to be my second released font. I’m also working part-time at a smaller studio with my former classmates & friends. In the future, I’m planning to continue to learn type design in the framework of a Master program. 

My latest ongoing and longest project so far is Ambiant typeface, that I have started months ago, and still only finished maybe half of the full project. It started with a simple idea, connecting to the Bauhaus movement. Ambiant was heavily inspired by one particular Bauhaus work, Joost Schmidt’s 1923 Weimar Exhibition poster. On this poster, Joost uses an unusual font, that appears to have thin lines attached to certain parts of letters. I have never seen such application of a serif, even though I particularly looked at other old and new examples as well. It is neither a slab, or serif, nor a grotesque font due to its nature. This interesting characteristic influenced me to make sketches of an equivalent typeface, that basically is a functional, modern geometric grotesque, that has usual proportions and characteristics like Helvetica or Unica, but also has those serifs attached, growing out of some characters. Technically it will be a variable font, which allows Ambiant to embody the transition between the Bauhaus movement to New Typography and the International Typographic Style, that both relied on the legacy of the Bauhaus school and its designers. This feature also gives Ambiant Serif and Spiky styles an interesting, but also a bit weird feel, while the skeleton provides the ability to fully function as a normal typeface in different situations and sizes.

*Typeface is in progress & Ambiant Sans Light was released in September 2019

Ambiant has 3 styles: Sans Light, Serif Light, Spiky Light