Léa De Pannemacker, Sanse-63 min read

14/10/2019 3 min read


Léa De Pannemacker, Sanse-63 min read

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Sanse-6 \sãz- ø sis\ is about importance on what you feel and on its use to create. Visuals are samples of forms we can create based on emotions, and especially on our 6 main emotions: joy, sadness, fear, anger, disgust and surprise.

For me, in a creator work, there are two essential rules to follow: to adapt to the demand if there is one, and to put your soul in it. Your soul, and so your emotions. I think that what you live at the moment, whether it’s good or bad, can truly help to create something sincere, something recognizable. I personally always need to have a starting point to express myself. Even if the work I have to do is about something else than “me”, concepts and forms depends what’s in my head and how I feel, and that’s the real starting point. I realized it not so long ago, and now that I think about it this is really obvious but I had to realize it to go further, and to dig in it to get the best of myself.

Sometimes I think that many people, and also in the graphic design game, are focused on practical and technical aspect. It is important for sure, but what we, creative people, have in our hands is a way of communicate that doesn’t just depend on the technique. Ideas, concepts and messages are transmittable with sensitive visuals, speaking and awakening emotional senses. It isn’t the only way to visually communicate, but I think as audience that it’s the best way to understand it and to discover a part of the creator. As someone who needs to talk, it’s the healthiest way that I found to express myself about what I want, what I think, about things I want to say to the world and I never dared to do it.

From a primary emotion – as the six mentioned above – you can still identify forms, shapes and colours. And this is an infinite resource, updating again and again. Because you know what it is to feel it, this is easier to try to visually transmit a similar emotion. This is a first degree interpretation, and I try to apply the process in background of my projects, sometimes unconsciously.

Also, we have to keep in mind that these six are just primary emotions, with an unique intensity. The reality is much more complex. Theorically, there are 27 distincts emotions, and everything is interconnected. And there is the fact that we can feel many emotions at the same time, more or less strongly. These emotions and feelings are unique for each one, because we perceive things differently, according to our experience, our vision of life and many other factors. So I think introspection is important, first to know how you feel and why. I think you have to understand who you are, and how your mind works, to then create some strong visual, and give the chance for people to know you and to get new original sensations.