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Rybskie, Liquid thinking1 min read

14/10/2019 2 min read


Rybskie, Liquid thinking1 min read

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Born in 1993 in Gdansk, Poland. He holds a masters degree in Audio and Video Engineering from Gdansk University of Technology. Daydreamer, self-taught visual artist and creator. Since 2013 active as a VJ, performing under the name Rybskie. In 2019 he joined Mall Grab and performed together on festivals such as Sonar Barcelona, Lowlands in Amsterdam, Dour + many more.

Freelance since finishing the education in 2016, he enjoys working on various graphics-related projects. Beginning with graphic design tasks such as making cover artworks, ending on designing and animating 3D garment for Asics shows. He gladly collaborates with musicians but is open to any kind of work. There are plenty of radically different subjects that he has been involved in, which helps him develop with each one. In spare time, he enjoys creating abstract art.

Two short movies, that were the personal projects in 2016 and 2018. Some single artworks and some effects of free time experimentation.